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General Enquiries

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Who to contact with queries

Year 7Elton Lanee.lane@tavistockcollege.org
Year 8Hazel Blackmoreh.blackmore@tavistockcollege.org
Year 9Nick Readn.read@tavistockcollege.org
Year 10Rachael Squirer.squire@tavistockcollege.org
Year 11Julie Greenerj.greener@tavistockcollege.org
Sixth FormTom Gallit.galli@tavistockcollege.org
PA to the PrincipalAngela Thomasa.thomas@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs T Adams T.Adams@tavistockcollege.org
Mr J Allso J.Allso@tavistockcollege.org
Mr D Bailey Da.Bailey@tavistockcollege.org
Ms R Barker R.Barker@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs Z Baring Z.Baring@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs K Bassett K.Bassett@tavistockcollege.org
Miss S Benson S.Benson@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs H Blackmore H.Blackmore@tavistockcollege.org
Mr A Bower A.Bower@tavistockcollege.org
Miss E Byrne E.Byrne@tavistockcollege.org
Mr C Chambers C.Chambers@tavistockcollege.org
Mr R Corkell R.Corkell@tavistockcollege.org
Ms H Cowie H.Cowie@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs J Dibben J.Dibben@tavistockcollege.org
Mr C Dilley C.Dilley@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs R Doyle R.Doyle@tavistockcollege.org
Mr J Edgecombe J.Edgecombe@tavistockcollege.org
Miss L England L.England@tavistockcollege.org
Mr J Evans J.Evans@tavistockcollege.org
Mr T Forster T.Forster@tavistockcollege.org
Miss S Fox So.Fox@tavistockcollege.org
Mr T Galli T.Galli@tavistockcollege.org
Ms J Gjoka J.Gjoka@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs J Greener J.Greener@tavistockcollege.org
Ms J Harris J.Harris@tavistockcollege.org
Mr M Harris Mi.Harris@tavistockcollege.org
Miss R Harry-Chudleigh R.Harry-Chudleigh@tavistockcollege.org
Miss J Hayward J.Hayward@tavistockcollege.org
Ms E Herod E.Herod@tavistockcollege.org
Mr M Hillman M.Hillman@tavistockcollege.org
Ms J Hodge J.Hodge@tavistockcollege.org
Miss H Holbourn H.Holbourn@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs S Holt S.Holt@tavistockcollege.org
Mr M Holt M.Holt@tavistockcollege.org
Mr N Hosking N.Hosking@tavistockcollege.org
Mr  S Hulbert S.Hulbert@tavistockcollege.org
Mr S Hunter S.Hunter@tavistockcollege.org
Mr D Jacob D.Jacob@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs S Jones S.Jones@tavistockcollege.org
Mr J Lambert J.Lambert@tavistockcollege.org
Mr E Lane E.Lane@tavistockcollege.org
Miss J Madeley J.Madeley@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs B Manning B.Manning@tavistockcollege.org
Mr D Marvin D.Marvin@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs T McAulay T.McAulay@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs R Millidge R.Millidge@tavistockcollege.org
Miss P Monk P.Monk@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs K Mooney K.Mooney@tavistockcollege.org
Mr  R Moore R.Moore@tavistockcollege.org
Mr S Moore S.Moore@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs K Mora-Ogle K.Mora-Ogle@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs J Neill J.Neill@tavistockcollege.org
Mr B Palmer B.Palmer@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs E Pearson E.Pearson@tavistockcollege.org
Miss S Pendle S.Pendle@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs L Prior L.Prior@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs C Raeburn C.Raeburn@tavistockcollege.org
Mr N Read N.Read@tavistockcollege.org
Mr P Reynolds P.Reynolds@tavistockcollege.org
Mr M Roberts M.Roberts@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs A Ruse A.Ruse@tavistockcollege.org
Mr P Ruse P.Ruse@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs J Seymour J.Seymour@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs S Shepherd S.Shepherd@tavistockcollege.org
Mr G Smith G.Smith@tavistockcollege.org
Miss J Solman J.Solman@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs R Squire R.Squire@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs C Stamper C.Stamper@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs W Stephens W.Stephens@tavistockcollege.org
Mr N Stewart N.Stewart@tavistockcollege.org
Mr J Stroud J.Stroud@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs S Swinburne S.Swinburne@tavistockcollege.org
Mr J Tithecott J.Tithecott@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs J Tosdevin J.Tosdevin@tavistockcollege.org
Mr P Trimmer P.Trimmer@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs N Westman N.Westman@tavistockcollege.org
Mr K Williams Kj.Williams@tavistockcollege.org
Mr A Wilson Al.Wilson@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs K Wyatt K.Wyatt@tavistockcollege.org
Mrs S Young S.Young@tavistockcollege.org

Dartmoor MAT

AddressDartmoor Multi Academy Trust, ​Okehampton College, Mill Road, Okehampton, EX20 1PW
Phone01837 650910

Request for paper copies

Requests for paper copies of this website to be made via office@tavistockcollege.org