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Library FAQ

When is the Library open?

The Library is open before tutor, from 8.30am until after school, it closes at 3.30pm.

Can I come to the Library at break and lunchtimes?


How many books can I take out?

Years 7-11 can take out 2 books. Sixth from students can take out 4 books.

How long can I borrow books for?

Years 7-11 can borrow books for two weeks, sixth form students can borrow books for three weeks.

If I don’t finish my book can I keep it longer?

Yes, ask at the counter to have your book renewed.

If I’m late returning my books will I have to pay a fine?

No, but you may get a reminder via your tutor.

Can I reserve a book if its not on the shelf?

Yes, just ask at the counter.

Do I need to book a PC in advance for lunchtime?

Yes, to avoid disappointment it’s best to book in advance. You can book up to two sessions per week.

Can I print out my work?

Yes, in black and white, its free, so please make sure you only print what you need. You can collect your printouts from the counter.

Can I print in colour?

Yes, you can save your file to a ‘memory stick’ (the library may be able to lend you one) and have it printed out in colour in the IRC.

Will I have to pay to print in colour?

Yes, 12p for A4 and 24p for A3.

Can I work on a computer with a friend as long as we are doing school work?

Yes, provided you are quiet.

Can I play games on the computer?

Sorry, no computer games allowed.

Can I eat or drink in the Library and may I listen to music or use my mobile phone?

Sorry, eating, drinking and chewing gum are not allowed in the library, neither is the use of mobile phones or personal stereos/MP3 players.