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Year 9 and Plymouth University Theatre and Performance

Posted: 28 April 2016

Tavistock College Creative Arts Faculty were proud to work with Dr Cath Gristy of Plymouth University (Lecturer in Education Studies) and her colleague Dr Lee Miller (Lecturer in Theatre and Performance) who brought a group of four Plymouth University students (working at Undergraduate to Masters level) to meet with some of our Year 9 Performance Studies students.

Across a four hour exploratory workshop all the learners worked intensively around the thematic title of ‘Travel’ and specifically looked at their morning and afternoon journeys between home and their place of education. For the year 9s it was a fantastic experience allowing them to dedicate time to the thought processes connected with telling and creating stories. They shared the sights, sounds, physicalities, connections, distractions and interruptions of their journeys as well as recognising and analysing the emotional impact of them.  They also appreciated the opportunity to work with those working dramatically at a higher level and as their questioning showed they are keen to use their drama and performance as life long learners. They were highly commended for their focus and commitment to the workshop by the leaders.

The work will form part of the basis of Dr Gristy’s research around sustainable travel, inform some of the direction of the research and performance work for the University students and hopefully marks the start of a strong connection between the Creative Arts at Tavistock College and Theatre and Performance at Plymouth University.

LAMDA Success

Posted: 27 April 2016

I am delighted to report that several more Tavistock College students have had success with their LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) qualifications under the expert teaching and guidance of Vanessa McCarty.

Two Year 9 students took the demanding Grade 4 Speaking of Verse and Prose which requires not only multiple performances but also contains a q and a session on literary techniques and the physiology behind breathe and speech pronunciation. Both Katie Gray and Rhian Packwood passed the exam with Katie gaining a Merit.

Year 10 students Alex Tackaberry and Jemma Drake both excelled in their Grade 3 Public Speaking exam where they had to prepare a detailed speech about a subject of their choice and then field unprepared questions on the topic. The girls showed their skills in these prepared and impromptu speech forms and both gained high Distinction gradings.

We are also delighted that sixth formers Zacharius Woodward (year 12) passed his Grade 5 Acting with Merit and Harry Pask (year 13) gained a Distinction in Grade 7 Public Speaking.  All students benefit from the skills learnt on the LAMDA courses but at Grade 6 and above student can also use the qualifications to gain UCAS points to support University applications.

As a mark of the growing numbers of Tavistock College students successfully taking these prestigious examinations we will be operating as an examinations centre for LAMDA from this June, giving more students the opportunity to access these experiences.

Eva Pearson

Year 7 Parents Evening

Posted: 14 April 2016

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This system is live between 1800hrs 15th April 2016 and 2355hrs 22nd April 2016

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