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Governors are members of the school Academy Committee, which is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees. The Academy Committee meets at least three times in every school year with the aim of driving school improvement across all areas. The Academy Committee ensures that the school is compliant with all statutory policies and processes, and has delegated decision-making powers as detailed in the Trust Scheme of Delegation

The Academy Committee Chair and Vice Chair(s) are appointed annually in July.

Changes to the Committee Structure were made at the start of 2020, to better support the aims of continuous school improvement. Small sub -committees Resources, School Improvement and Ethos have been replaced with a meeting of a smaller, more focused Academy Committee where strategic aims may be debated and challenged, with more immediate reference to links between Curriculum and Resources.

To contact the Chair of Governors or individual Governors please mark for their attention and write care of the College or email office@tavistockcollege.org who will forward it on. See Contact Us for further College contact details.

Dartmoor MAT Code of Conduct for Governors

Our Governors

Sean Sweeney

Chair - Co-opted Governor

School improvement is a thrill and I want to be part of celebrating Tavistock’s continuing success.

Term of office expires: 31/12/2022

Dr Tim Alexander

Joint Vice Chair - Co-opted Governor

My children have had a great experience at Tavistock College. I hope to support the College in being an enjoyable and nurturing environment for staff and pupils, helping the College to continue to improve academically while still supporting the breadth of experience beyond the curriculum that the College offers.

Term of office expires: 31/12/2022

Caroline Jordan

Joint Vice Chair - Safeguarding Lead - Co-opted Governor

I am a new governor with a lot to learn. I am a social worker in Tavistock, have children going into years 7 and 13 and am committed to working towards the further improvement of the school.

Term of office expires: 31/12/2022

Tim Randell

Parent Governor

I feel I can offer the school my 35 years experience in senior management, commercial sales & marketing, PR and publishing. It is in the nature of the magazines that I publish locally that I am very focused on all aspects of the community of West Devon that the school serves. In addition I have a daughter at the school which makes me particularly keen to see that the school is successful and achieves the very highest education standards.

Term of office expires: 31/12/2022

Julie Stevens

Co-opted Governor

High quality education for young people is vital if they are to become responsible, independent and happy adults and it is why I am a governor.

Term of office expires: 31/12/2022

Jo Solman

Staff Governor

I was a student and am the third generation of my family to attend this school. I have an invested interest in how we operate within this community and the positive impact we have now and for the future.

Term of office expires: 31/12/2022

Dee Benzie

Co-opted Governor

I was involved in education throughout my working life, latterly as Head of Maths at Tavistock College until 2012. Earlier in life I spent some time working in a residential special school. I learned much about special needs and providing the most effective educational support.

I’ve seen many changes but through all the years, I remain passionate about the power of education to change lives. I offer my experience, skills and continued passion to provide the opportunities for all youngsters to achieve success in an ever changing educational landscape

Term of office expires: 18/09/2022

Ralph Crook

Associate Member

I believe all students should have equal opportunities and a safe and fun learning environment to succeed, this is why I am a governor.

Term of office expires: 18/09/2029

Philip Sanders

Link Trustee

Safeguarding (Child Protection)
Caroline Jordan

Clerk to the Governing Body
Jay Hooper