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The Governing Body’s primary role is strategic, focussing on raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning, so that students fulfil their potential. The Governing Body’s prime accountability is to ensure that the College has effective safeguarding (child protection) policies in place that are in accordance with guidance issued by the Secretary of State, the LA and any locally agreed inter-agency procedures.

To contact individual Governors please mark for their attention and write care of the College or email office@tavistockcollege.org who will forward it on.

Our Governors

Ralph Crook

Chair - Co-opted Governor

I believe all students should have equal opportunities and a safe and fun learning environment to succeed, this is why I am a governor.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 31/07/2019

Dr Tim Alexander

Vice Chair, Vice Chair of Resources Committee, Chair of Chairs Committee - Parent Governor

My children have had a great experience at Tavistock College. I hope to support the College in being an enjoyable and nurturing environment for staff and pupils, helping the College to continue to improve academically while still supporting the breadth of experience beyond the curriculum that the College offers.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 31/07/2019

Philip Sanders

Chair of Resources Committee - Local Authority Governor

I want to ensure our young people get the best possible start in life by getting a broad based education.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 08/04/2018

Nigel Larcombe-Williams

Parent Governor

As a Governor I want to support good staff to do good things and support the school to give every child a rounded and challenging education so that our young people at Tavistock College have as many options as possible going forward.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 31/07/2020

Alan Jones

Foundation Governor

I became a governor and continue to be one because I believe passionately that all young people deserve to be given equal opportunities in life.

These opportunities however, can only be capitalized upon with good teaching and learning and acknowledging the necessity for mastering the ‘soft’ life skills, along with raising the levels of motivation and aspiration. These factors are critical to recognising, evaluating and grasping opportunities when they arise…..It is a governor’s duty to ensure this is in place and monitored for every student in our care.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 22/03/2018

Julie Stevens

Foundation Governor

High quality education for young people is vital if they are to become responsible, independent and happy adults and it is why I am a governor.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 22/03/2018

Alex Jackson

Co-opted Governor

I am a governor because it is imperative the working force of the college can hold those in charge to account on their decisions. I believe I can listen and speak clearly enough.

Expiry of 1 year tenure: 31/08/2018

Caroline Jordan

Vice Chair Curriculum Committee - Co-opted Governor

I am a new governor with a lot to learn. I am a social worker in Tavistock, have children going into years 7 and 13 and am committed to working towards the further improvement of the school.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 31/08/2019

Sean Sweeney

Co-opted Governor

School improvement is a thrill and I want to be part of celebrating Tavistock’s continuing success.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 19/04/2020

Andrew Willetts

Co-opted Governor

I want to be a governor so I can use my experience as a lawyer to help the college develop as a centre of excellence for the future and put something back into my local community.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 19/04/2020

Stuart Ridley

Chair Curriculum Committee, Safeguarding Lead - Co-opted Governor

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 31/08/2020

Tim Randell

Parent Governor

As a Parent Governor, I feel I can offer the school my 35 years experience in senior management, commercial sales & marketing, PR and publishing. It is in the nature of the magazines that I publish locally that I am very focused on all aspects of the community of West Devon that the school serves. In addition I have a daughter at the school which makes me particularly keen to see that the school is successful and achieves the very highest education standards.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 18/04/2021

Susan Miller

Parent Governor

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 18/04/2021

Tim Stapleton

Co-opted Governor

As a past chairman of Exeter College ,l can help students with "progression " and the Board with resource management as each year gets financially tougher until at least 2020

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 18/04/2021

Adam Reid

Co-opted Governor

Having worked in the independent sector throughout my teaching career, I am increasingly interested in the relationship between maintained and private education, and would see this particularly as an opportunity to develop links between Mount Kelly and Tavistock College.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 11/07/2021

Jo Solman

Staff Governor

I was a student and am the 3rd generation of my family to attend this school. I have an invested interested in how we operate within this community and the positive impact we have now and for the future. Before completing my teacher training in 2012/2013, I was a Senior Field Consultant in London, for a global franchise. I have experience in working with budgets and the strategic development of organisations during uncertain and changing times. During the economic recession, with other territories in decline, our territory won the global Development Award through our flexibility to adapt and change. This seems ever pertinent in light of what is happening in Education and I will utilise this experience to best advantage of the school and our pupils.

Expiry of 4 year tenure: 19/09/2021

Adrian Wade

Associate Member

Jo Wall

Associate Member

Education enables students to realise their potential irrespective of their background. I am keen to support that journey to enable them to flourish

Safeguarding (Child Protection)
Stuart Ridley

Clerk to the Governing Body
Jay Hooper