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Tavistock College Policies

Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust Policies

​Acceptable Use Policy (Pupils)
Acceptable Use Policy (Pupils) – Leaflet Version
Acceptable Use Policy (Staff including Volunteers and Visitors)
Annual Report and Accounts
Attendance Policy
CCTV and Surveillance Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2019
Code of Conduct for Staff
Code of Conduct for Trustees and Governors
Code of Conduct for Parents/Carers and Social Media Use Policy
Complaints Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Data Protection Policy
Debt Recovery Policy
Discretions Policy (LGPS)
Equality Statement
Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Schedule
Funding Agreement – and Supplemental Funding Agreements for individual academies
Gender Pay Gap Report 2018
Gender Pay Gap Report 2019
Gifts, Hospitality and Anti-bribery Policy
Governors and Trustees’ Allowances Policy
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy
Investment Policy
Leasing Policy
Looked After Children Policy
Mobile Phones Policy
No Purchase Order, No Pay Policy
Personal Data Breach Procedure
Privacy Notice (Staff)
​Privacy Notice (Job Applicants)
Privacy Notice (Pupils and Parents)
Privacy Notice (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)
​Privacy Notice Governors, Trustees and Volunteers
Procurement Card Policy
Protection of Biometric Information Policy
Records Retention Policy
Records Management Schedule
Recruitment Policy
Risk Management Policy
Social Media Policy
Safeguarding Policy (see Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy)
Staff Expenses Policy
Statement on Provider Access
Subject Access Request Policy
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions and Administration of Medicine Policy
Use of Reasonable Force Policy
Volunteer Code of Conduct
Whistleblowing Policy

Data Protection

DMAT policies relating to how we process your data and our publication scheme can be found under About us/Data Protection ​ on the DMAT website.

Equality Statement

The DMAT Equality Statement can be read on the DMAT website

Online Safety

The DMAT have a suite of trust-wide policies to support Online Safety practice. You can also find out more information on the DMAT Online Safety page.

Acceptable Use Policy (Pupils) – Leaflet Version
Acceptable Use Policy (Pupils)
Acceptable Use Policy (Staff)
​ESafety Policy
Social Media Policy
Mobile Phones Policy
CCTV & Surveillance Policy