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Welcome to Tavistock College PTA where you will find out information about how you can make a difference to your child’s experiences at the College. Answers to frequently asked questions are listed, so take a little time to find out more about us.

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The PTA Team

Who and what is the PTA?

The PTA (Parent, Teacher Association) is a group of parents and members of staff from each Year group at the College. We have a small Committee of elected members who regularly meet with the staff to discuss various items related to the College. Current elected members are:

Chair: Jane Beard
Vice Chair Samantha Burgess
Treasurer: Michelle Isaac

How frequent are the meetings?

We meet twice a term, usually at the beginning of the term and after half term. Meetings are held at 6pm usually on a Tuesday evening, we have found that although many parents are unable to attend so early after work, the members of staff have also had a long day so we have compromised to please as many of you as possible. We aim to finish within an hour, if a large fund raising event is looming subsequent meetings may be arranged, all minutes of meetings are circulated via email so if a member is unable to attend a meeting all information is forwarded.

What does the PTA do?

The main objective of the PTA is to raise funds which can then be given back to the College to help in any way that is needed. For instance pay for the coaches on organised school trips, purchase new equipment and resources for the Library and contribute to the fund for solar panels plus many more.

We are also involved in Parent Forum evenings where outside speakers are invited to the College to talk to parents on issues they themselves have selected. For example Rob Long on “Living with Teenagers”, and other speakers on “Internet Safety” and “Emotional Wellbeing”. We also provide refreshments at most events.

What fund raising events take place?

Car Boot Sales, Fashion Show linked with St. Lukes Hospice, organising car parking on Goose Fair Day, Christmas Fair plus many more. All ideas are welcome and parents can volunteer to help whenever they are able.

How are the funds distributed?

The funds raised by the PTA are shared equally between each year group, or if there is a specific item the College requires contributions can be made. All decisions to allocate funds are discussed at meetings.

How do you join the PTA?

Joining the PTA is not all about raising funds it is an opportunity to meet other parents, now we don’t meet in the playground like Primary School it is much harder to feel involved, this way you could meet parents in your child’s year, make friends, get to know the members of staff and learn more about the College and what it provides for our children. This could be your opportunity to give something back for all the hard work that goes into educating your child.

After having read all about us we hope you are now eager to join! It couldn’t be easier, just email the current Chair on janebarnes1@hotmail.co.uk. Everyone is welcome and your support is invaluable.

Minutes of past meetings