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Creative Arts


Please visit our dedicated faculty website at www.creatavi.co.uk to see much more about us.

The Faculty of Creative Arts joins the artistic areas of Art, Creative Media, Drama, Dance, Music and Photography together. We aim to offer students a broad and varied curriculum teaching not only artistic skills but giving students means and methods to explore their creative ideas. At the heart of what we strive to do is a clear philosophy of the importance of arts education – not only for emerging artists but as a training ground for creativity.

The Creative Arts are one of the most vital subject areas on any school’s curriculum. Their language is truly universal. Every culture explores its passions and fears through drama, dance, music and art. Regardless of gender, ability and belief, students respond intuitively to these modes of expression, and through them explore and communicate issues of morality and identity in a unique way, which enriches and personalizes their education. The social skills acquired during creative group work decision making, adaptability, negotiation, listening to options and the justification of your own ideas are imperative to personal development, arguably all other subject areas and the rapidly changing environment of the workplace.

Creative Arts Blog

Piano Grading

Posted: 28 March 2016

Congratulations to Jane Phelpstead and pupils for fantastic music exam results.

All exams were taken on Piano.

  • Jane Phelpstead – Tutor
  • Elise Williams – Grade 2 Distinction
  • Charlotte Davis – Grade 2 Distinction
  • Laura Meredith – Grade 4 Merit
  • Lily Walke – Grade 3 Merit
  • Martha Peach – Grade 4 Merit

Some of these pupils are currently awaiting results for grades taken more recently.

Martha Peach recently passed her grade 8 recorder exam – This is taught outside of College but deserves massive recognition!

Joe Lambert


Guitar Grading

Posted: 22 March 2016

I am very happy to say Congratulations to Dan Hiscott and pupils for
success in musical grading this year.

  • Jessamy Clemens – Pass in grade 5 Bass Guitar
  • Elliott Overnell – Merit in grade 2 Bass Guitar AND Distinction in Theory
  • Aaron Kirby – Merit in grade 3 Bass Guitar
  • Dan Hiscott – Tutor Sam Roberts – Merit in Grade 5 Bass Guitar
  • Thanae Garland-Tsirka – Merit in grade 2 Theory AND Pass in grade 2 Piano
  • Peter Alexander – Pass in Grade 5 Theory
  • Tom Setterington Pass in Grade 4 Bass Guitar

Joe Lambert


Creatavi Christmas Cards

Posted: 25 November 2015