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Modern Foreign Languages

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The MFL Department at Tavistock College believes that languages are becoming ever more important in an increasingly connected world. The skills, knowledge and understanding developed through the delivery of the MFL curriculum are an integral part of a young person’s all-round education forging the competencies needed to enter the work place at the end of their full time education. Furthermore, the increased understanding of other cultures helps students to develop greater awareness of the wider modern society.

We aim to provide students, regardless of ability, with an enjoyable, practical skill in their Modern Foreign Language. In Year 7, students have the opportunity to experience the three languages offered; French, Spanish and Japanese through a curriculum that has been designed to give them a firm basis in the basic skills need to learn a language and linking strongly with the whole school literacy focus. In Year 8 and 9, students specialise in a language that is best suited to their needs and strengths. We aspire to give students the necessary skills and confidence to continue into KS4, and even KS5.

Through a motivating and encouraging atmosphere, we strive to inspire students to achieve in all the skill areas; reading, writing, listening and speaking. We encourage them to take risks in an environment where students can feel safe to learn from their mistakes and develop a mutually supporting relationship with their peers and their teachers. We endeavour to do this through careful questioning and peer- and self- assessment, as well as through interactive methods of teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to develop their confidence to assess their own progress and to set themselves targets to improve. Increasing student motivation and aspiration to learn and make sustained improvement. Students are taught from the beginning of Year 7 to recognise the criteria for quality work and acquire the necessary skills to assess and improve their own work.


MFL Blog

Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 11

Posted: 26 November 2015

Host families brought students to the Sogo Bunka Centre for 7.45am on a rainy Thursday morning and we said our good-byes before moving on to Disneyland. The rain didn`t dampen our spirits and we had a great day before going to Haneda Airport to check in at the Royal Park Hotel which means we can walk from our rooms to the Japan Airlines check-in counters tomorrow morning at 9.00am to catch the 11.35 flight home.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone in Japan who has made this year`s exchange run so smoothly and and to everyone who has been following us on the Tavistock College website and twitter.

Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 10

Posted: 25 November 2015

Today was our last day in Kanto Daiichi Senior High School and our deep appreciation goes to all the teachers who have made this year`s visit so memorable.Special mention to Eric sensei, Watanabe sensei, Komori sensei, Lizzie sensei and Terajima sensei and all the home room teachers who looked after Tavistock College student.



Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 9

Posted: 25 November 2015

After the morning in school we made traditional wind chimes in the afternoon at the Shinohara wind chime craft factory taught by Hamada sensei.