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Ex-Student at The Wharf

Posted: 1 May 2019

Sam Brockington, ex Tavistock College student and now professional musician, returned to Tavistock to play at The Wharf as part of his European tour. Back from Paris and Copenhagen, amongst other places, and before his last show in London he played a one night gig alongside his band (also including ex College student Oli Larcombe-Moore) to a crowd connected to Tavistock, some who had travelled from as far as Bristol to see him. The gig was particularly special as the supporting acts also had connection with Tavistock College – Ronnie Cooke, guitarist and singer songwriter who now studies Music at Falmouth and Live Allen who is studying Music in Year 10 currently at College. Ronnie was keen to point out that he wouldn’t be doing what he now does and loves without the Music teaching he received at the college. Liv did a fantastic, lively set full of well known popular songs; she chatted to the audience and encouraged them to take to the floor. Her confident and relaxed approach alongside her strong vocal and guitar skills made for a great start to the evening and some very proud Performing Arts teachers!

Tavistock College and Mount Kelly Partnership

Posted: 28 March 2019

Mount Kelly and Tavistock College are delighted to announce a partnership agreement outlining key areas in which the two schools will work together to enhance the education of all our young people.

The Department for Education and the Independent Schools Council launched the ‘Schools Together’ initiative in April 2016 and now has over 1,000 independent schools in partnerships with state schools. These partnerships take many different forms – from sharing subject expertise and supporting pupils with university applications, to sharing facilities and widening access to music, sport and drama.

The partnership between Mount Kelly and Tavistock College focuses on three key areas: academics, community, and sport and extra-curricular.

The two schools plan to set up termly ‘Tavistock Teachmeet’ meetings during which they will exchange and share best practice in teaching, academic clubs in Science, Languages, History, Politics and Global Affairs for pupils, and shared support for older pupils applying for university, including Oxbridge guidance and personal statement workshops.

A greater involvement in planning volunteering programmes, including a re-launch of Tavistock Interact, forms the community element of the partnership and competitive sport, shared coaching, showcases for Art, Photography and Product Design and an Annual Tavistock Community Concert are some of the plans for Sport and Extra-curricular activities.

Sarah Jones, Principal of Tavistock College commented: “This is an exciting initiative from which the pupils and academic staff at both our schools will benefit. It has been inspirational to see what other ‘Schools Together’ partnerships have achieved and I am confident that we can do great things for our pupils and teachers in Tavistock.”

Head Master of Mount Kelly, Mark Semmence, said: “It makes perfect sense for our two schools to share best practice and learn from each other. Not only will this partnership afford more opportunities for our young people, the results of their collaborations will be enjoyed by us all.”

Mathematics Revision Sessions

Posted: 6 March 2019

March –June 2019



Teacher Room Tues/ Thurs
Mr.Hillman M8 Both
Mr. Smith L3 Thurs
Mrs.Adams M4 Both
Mr.Dilley M3 Thurs
Mrs.Prior M6 Thurs
Mr.Marvin M9 Thurs
Mrs. Harry-Chudleigh M5 Thurs
Mr.Read Maths Atrium Tues/Thurs
Mr.Stewart M7 Thurs


Please note that there are year 7 parents evenings on 14th and 21st March so not all revision sessions will run on those days