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Sporting Student Stars at Tavistock College

Posted: 22 October 2014

Emily Morley is a member of DRKJ Karate group in Plymouth Crownhill where she has recently achieved her 2nd Dan at Karate Jutsu after many training sessions. Emily has also just taken away five gold medals for fighting in a tournament in the U15 – U18 age category. Well done Emily keep up the hard work!

Emily Morley 11F


Chantel Whiting, age 12, started boxing at the age of 11 and hasn’t looked back since. She has recently been selected to compete in Guernsey and Portsmouth representing the Western Counties boxing team. Chantel trains 3 time a week at the Mayflower Amateur Boxing Club and competes most weekends. She has been recognised as an up and coming talented boxer and boxing for the Western Counties at such a young age so early in her career is very impressive. Few female boxers have achieved this honour at such a young age. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Chantel!



Stephanie Hutchins, aged 15, has many talents when it comes to sport but she excels at cricket. Stephanie has recently secured a place on the Devon team; she has been for England trials and is now on the scouting watch out list and being monitored. She has been selected for the Devon Elite squad and won bowler of the year for the Devon U15s. Her team recently came 2nd in the UK Plympton 1st regional Cup and won the Plympton 2nd Cup. Stephanie certainly has a very exciting sporting career ahead of her and it is all down to her hard work and dedication to sport.

S Hutchins

HMS Northumberland Update

Posted: 21 October 2014

This September a Year 9 geography class from Tavistock College started an exciting project which brings the real world into the classroom.

Each member of the class has written to a member of the crew on board the Royal Naval Frigate HMS Northumberland, currently on deployment in The Gulf and Arabian Sea. The class asked them about their geographical experiences and highlights of their deployment so far, as the class are hoping for an insight into geography in action before doing a unit on Conflict later this year. The box of letters and Tavistock College pens have now been followed with boxes of biscuits to stay thank you for the help that Devonport based HMS Northumberland will be providing to the year 9 geography students.

Although we haven’t received the blue BFPO letters back from HMS Northumberland yet, several have been emailed to Mrs Froud, the class teacher, for the students. It turns out the HMS Northumberland enjoyed
receiving the letters and they are posting their responses from their next port in, so hopefully the class will receive their replies late October, as well as charts and maps to show their deployment journey so far.

However the Ship’s Company and the Geography Department are so impressed by the communications that they would like to continue the link beyond one letter. A visit to the ship has been suggested and the sailors working with the College will be invited to come out to the school for a
workshop scenario.

“This project is one that we would like to see evolve; promoting students learning of geography in action whilst supporting our servicemen and women at the same time. It is a superb way to engage students of all abilities” said Mrs Froud from the Tavistock College Geography Department.

CPO AWW Burgoyne, liaise with the College from the Gulf says “It’s been a great opportunity for members of the ships company to educate Tavistock year nine geography students on elements of our deployment. The ships company that replied ranged from an able rate who has just joined the RN to a LT CDR RN. LT CDR King studied for a geography degree and really enjoyed his involvement with the school. We look forward to hosting them on board one day.”

David Hemery leads aspirational project at Tavistock College

Posted: 21 October 2014

1968 400m hurdles Olympian and gold medallist, David Hemery, visited Tavistock College to train all staff, teaching and non teaching, on the aspirational programme he leads: “Be the Best You Can Be.”

The programme was established after the London 2012 Olympics and forms part of the promised legacy that the Games will inspire a generation.

The programme does not just focus on sport, however, but encourages and challenges young people to follow their dreams. The programme aims to help young people take more control of their lives by increasing their self-awareness and self-responsibility, so that they can establish what steps they should take to reach their goals. They will also learn how to look after themselves and how to support and coach each other.

Year 7 students will be the first to be introduced to the programme, although David’s message of taking responsibility and realising how to achieve goals will be embraced throughout the College.

On Oct 24th another Olympian, Craig Figes, will start the Year 7s on their journey to “be the best you can be”, when he visits them and shows them how to transfer inspiration into action.

Principal Helen Salmon said, “This programme will help us unlock the potential of every child.”
David Hemery