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Wish List

We are looking for kind donations from our local supporters in the following areas:

Creative Arts

  • Pre loved Digital Cameras and tripods for Photography and Media – we can put these to really good use!
  • Pre loved Keyboards, guitars and drums – we can re-home these!
  • Paint brushes, colouring pencils, desk top easels or any Art equipment


  • We are low on spare PE kit – so any kit that isn’t needed would be appreciated for us to use. I guess any students who have left recently, particularly Year 11 would be best placed for this.
  • Any donated sports equipment – anything in one piece and safe could be used, balls, bibs, rackets, cones etc.
  • Long shot!!!! – heart rate monitors – would enhance our theory work.


  • Geography
    • metre sticks
    • 20m tape measures
    • metal ranging poles
    • Revision guides/text books for GCSE Geography 9-1 exam board AQA
  • History
    • Revision guides for GCSE History 9-1 exam board Edexcel
    • Revision guides/text books for OCR A Level History
  • Business
    • Calculators
    • Revision guides/text books for GCSE Business 9-1 exam board
    • Revision guides for A Level Business exam board Edexcel
  • any general items including glue sticks, rulers, scissors, pens and pencils, A4 folders, colouring pens and pencils


If you can help with these requests please contact the college through the email address office@tavistockcollege.org

Thank you in advance for enhancing the curriculum for our students