Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 11

Host families brought students to the Sogo Bunka Centre for 7.45am on a rainy Thursday morning and we said our good-byes before moving on to Disneyland. The rain didn`t dampen our spirits and we had a great day before going to Haneda Airport to check in at the Royal Park Hotel which means we can walk from our rooms to the Japan Airlines check-in counters tomorrow morning at 9.00am to catch the 11.35 flight home.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone in Japan who has made this year`s exchange run so smoothly and and to everyone who has been following us on the Tavistock College website and twitter.

Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 10

Today was our last day in Kanto Daiichi Senior High School and our deep appreciation goes to all the teachers who have made this year`s visit so memorable.Special mention to Eric sensei, Watanabe sensei, Komori sensei, Lizzie sensei and Terajima sensei and all the home room teachers who looked after Tavistock College student.



Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 9

After the morning in school we made traditional wind chimes in the afternoon at the Shinohara wind chime craft factory taught by Hamada sensei.

Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 6

Here are some photos taken in Saturday morning`s lessons. Students have enjoyed the weekend with their host families. Some students went to see Mt Fuji on Sunday and others went to Disney Sea World and the Sky Tree.

Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 5

We have had a full day of lessons in Kanto Daiichi Senior High School and many students stayed at school until 6.00pm doing club activities. Everyone enjoyed their first night with host families and appreciated the wonderful obentou (lunch boxes) prepared by their host mothers (there is no school refectory).

Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 4

Another full day leaving the NYC at 8.45 by coach and going across Tokyo to Edogawa where we enjoyed walking round traditional gardens at Gyosen park. The  mayor of Edogawa welcomed us at the city hall after lunch and then we spent a couple of hours at one of the main community learning centres in Edogawa. The students met their host families at the Green Palace Hotel and are now spending their first night with them.

Japanese Exchange 2015 – Day 3

A big thank you to Chieko san, all the PTA members and teachers at Meisei primary school who put in so much effort to make today such a success. Everyone is in dinner now (6.00pm) and will then start packing for tomorrow`s early departure to Edogawa ward in the east part of Tokyo.


Japanese Exchange Visit

The Japanese exchange group, 18 students and 2 teachers, from Kanto Daiichi High School in Tokyo will arrive at the College at 7.00pm on Saturday 21st March and leave at 7.00am on Sunday the 29th . They will be hosted by students from Years 9, 10, 11, and 12. Please note that the Japanese students will be in lessons with their host students on Wednesday 25th March. Thank you for your support. Chambers sensei


pdficon_largeJapanese Exchange Itinerary March 2015