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Staff Training

It is important that all staff have training to enable them to recognise the possible signs of abuse neglect and exploitation and to know what to do if they have a concern.
New staff and governors will receive training during their induction either face to face or via an induction learning package approved by the Dartmoor MAT. All staff, including the Principal and local Governors will receive Level 2 training (as specified by Devon Children’s and Family Partnership – DCFP) that is updated regularly with the latest policy updates and guidance. At Tavistock College this is done annually through face to face sessions led by the DSL or, for occasional staff and volunteers who cannot attend face to face training (usually delivered on the first day of the Autumn Term and with at least one catch up session in late Autumn), via the accredited “Educare” equivalent online learning module .
All staff and governors are also required to read Part 1 and the relevant appendices of the“ Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE)” guidance published by the DfE and they are obliged to certify that they have read this. (NB local Governors and DSL/DDSLs are required to read the whole KCSiE document and appendices).
The DSL, Heads of Year and other key SEND/pastoral staff and support staff will receive Group 3 training (as specified by DCFP) updated at least every two years for the DSL and Deputies and triennially for other team members, including training in inter-agency procedures. Staff, Governors and other stakeholders are also trained in the anti- extremism and anti -radicalisation PREVENT strategy originally via a face to face session led by the DSL who has completed the Home Office trainers training and latterly via Educare training and self- directed viewing of the videoed WRAP training delivered by the DSL .
Supply staff and other visiting staff will be given the school’s Safeguarding Policy and the poster of key personnel within the College. If they are going to be with the College regularly then they read KCSiE Pt 1 etc and complete the face to face/self- directed Level 2 training plus any additional briefing sessions that are available to all staff throughout the year and include regular (monthly) safeguarding quizzes.

Safeguarding Leads

The Designated Safeguarding Lead for Tavistock College is Wendy Stephens – w.stephens@tavistockcollege.org

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads
Jack Brokenshire – j.brokenshire@tavistockcollege.org
Rachael Squire – r.squire@tavistockcollege.org
Alison Savage – a.savage@tavistockcollege.org

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