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Who’s who

Senior Leadership Team

Tristan Muller-Forster


Email via PA: a.thomas@tavistockcollege.org

Barry Palmer

Vice Principal

Email: b.palmer@tavistockcollege.org

James Buchanan

Vice Principal

Email: j.buchanan@tavistockcollege.org

Rachel Turner

Director of SEND

If you have any enquiries regarding SEND provision please contact:

Hazel Blackmore

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) - Assistant Principal

Email: h.blackmore@tavistockcollege.org

James Stroud

Assistant Principal

Email: j.stroud@tavistockcollege.org

Nick Read

Assistant Principal

Email: n.read@tavistockcollege.org

Alison Savage

Assistant Principal

Email: a.savage@tavistockcollege.org

Emma Herod

Assistant Principal

Email: e.herod@tavistockcollege.org

Robert Kelly

Assistant Principal

Email: r.kelly@tavistockcollege.org

Joanne Solman

Director of Curriculum

Email: j.solman@tavistockcollege.org

Jack Brokenshire

Director of Social Inclusion

Email: j.brokenshire@tavistockcollege.org

Angela Thomas

PA to the Principal

Email: a.thomas@tavistockcollege.org

Chantelle Cocker

SLT Admin, HR, Transition and Admissions

Email: c.cocker@tavistockcollege.org

Year 7

Simon Hunter

Head of Year 7

Email: s.hunter@tavistockcollege.org

Trudy Massey

Deputy Head of Year 7

Email: t.massey@tavistockcollege.org

Angela Wyke-Smith

Year 7 Administrator

Email: a.wyke-smith@tavistockcollege.org

Year 8

Natasha Ingleby

Head of Year 8

Email: n.ingleby@tavistockcollege.org

Steve Marsh

Deputy Head of Year 8

Email: s.marsh@tavistockcollege.org

Angela Wyke-Smith

Year 8 Administrator

Email: a.wyke-smith@tavistockcollege.org

Year 9

Laura Evans

Head of Year 9

Email: la.evans@tavistockcollege.org

Sonia Fox

Deputy Head of Year 9

Email: so.fox@tavistockcollege.org

Angela Wyke-Smith

Year 9 Administrator

Email: a.wyke-smith@tavistockcollege.org

Year 10

Rachael Squire

Head of Year 10

Email: r.squire@tavistockcollege.org

Patrick Trimmer

Deputy Head of Year 10

Email: p.trimmer@tavistockcollege.org

Amy Powers

Year 10 Administrator

Email: ks4@tavistockcollege.org

Year 11

Daniel Jacob

Head of Year 11

Email: d.jacob@tavistockcollege.org

Niall Murphy

Deputy Head of Year 11

Email: n.murphy@tavistockcollege.org

Amy Powers

Year 11 Administrator

Email: ks4@tavistockcollege.org

6th Form

Wendy Stephens

Head of 6th Form

Email: w.stephens@tavistockcollege.org

Lucinda Howard

Pastoral Head of Year 12

Email: l.howard@tavistockcollege.org

Elaine Ruxton

Pastoral Head of Year 13

Email: e.ruxton@tavistockcollege.org

Lisa Mabey

6th Form Administrator

Email: l.mabey@tavistockcollege.org

Head of Faculty

Eva Pearson

Head of Creative Arts Faculty

Email: e.pearson@tavistockcollege.org

Laura Palmer

Head of English Department

Email: l.palmer@tavistockcollege.org

Sarah Holt

Head of Humanities Faculty

Email: s.holt@tavistockcollege.org

Alison Savage

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Faculty

Email: a.savage@tavistockcollege.org

Mark Hillman

Head of Mathematics Faculty

Email: m.hillman@tavistockcollege.org

Shaun Hulbert

Head of Physical Education Faculty

Email: s.hulbert@tavistockcollege.org

Mike Harris

Head of Science Faculty

Email: mi.harris@tavistockcollege.org

Julia Tosdevin

Head of Social Studies Faculty

Email: j.tosdevin@tavistockcollege.org

Robert Moore

Joint Head of Technology Faculty

Email: r.moore@tavistockcollege.org

Mark Savage

Joint Head of Technology Faculty

Email: m.savage@tavistockcollege.org