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The National agenda has allowed us to remodel, review and implement a change in culture and provision in preparation for the way children and young people with Special Educational needs & Disabilities are supported at Tavistock College. Our Inclusive Approach towards SEND is underpinned by the recommendations from the new Code of Practice;

  • To ensure needs are met label the provision and support and not the child
  • Continuous professional development to enhance quality first teaching and support for students with additional needs
  • Training for TA’s – a new way of working – through ‘ The remodelling process’
  • Targeted Interventions delivered through a Plan, Do and Review cycle which is monitored and tracked to demonstrate outcomes through pupil progress
  • Provision mapping involving effective deployment of TA’s , Group extraction, Mentoring and Personalized Learning

Further Information about our provision and support is available on our website and feel free to contact us, should you have any questions.
Further information and guidance is available through the Devon County Council website, www.devon.gov.uk/send which sets out the support available for children and young people with SEND who have an Education Health Care Plan and those who do not.