Blood will have Blood

9th Degree Theatre Co (aka Year 13 Performing Arts) performed their final piece  ‘Blood will have Blood’ (a reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth) last Friday.
As soon as we entered the performance space, the audience were immediately immersed into the production. Sat around round tables, with low light, drinks and nibbles on offer, it really was like being in a seedy, underground bar with an acoustic guitar piece supplying atmosphere and tone.
Music, throughout the performance was used effectively to reinforce metaphors used in reference to the original Macbeth story line with all group members participating including the use of ‘Gangstas Paradise’ to portray the context of the bar in relation to one of the main character’s portrayal – Malcolm (Son of Duncan). His craving for power through corruption ultimately led to his demise, in a twisted parallel to the previous bar owner, Macbeth .
The 3 dancers, were a clear reference to the 3 witches of the original Macbeth story line, alongside Jean’s crossover with Lady Macbeth. The loyalty & infatuation shown towards her man Flynn (Son of Banquo) was clear, alongside her willingness to do whatever she could for him through taking things into her own hands with the disposal of Malcolm.
Whilst absorbed through the convincing performances, the audience were also drawn to the use of the staging. To compliment the message that often the most dangerous of things are in plain sight, controversial and political references were made through the images displayed. This was a clever and subtle reference to the modern dangers that exist today but which reiterate the longevity of the original Macbeth story line. This was particularly thought provoking.
A clever and respectful homage to Shakespeare which left the audience reminded of the toxicity of power and the poison it creates when abused.

9th Degree were established in 2017.  ‘Blood Will Have Blood’ is their 3rd production.