Creative Arts – Bronze Arts Award

Over 40 Students in year 10 and 11 at Tavistock College have completed the ‘Bronze Arts Award’. This qualification is in association with Trinity College London, The Arts Council England and funded by the National Lottery. This qualification allows students to explore the Creative Arts in a number of ways. Students had to choose and complete an arts challenge, review an arts event, research someone who is an inspiration to them and then finally teach someone a skill in any form of the Arts. Students did this alongside their Creative Arts lessons at the college but also completed the work in their own time, showing both personal motivation, passion and dedication. The outcomes were varied and exciting; including teaching dance, playing an instrument, visiting an art gallery and reviewing a film. This qualification is highly recognised within the arts and schools. Students will now have the opportunity to work on Silver Arts Award (a level 2 qualification) which they are already excited about.