Martin Dawes visit

Former BBC foreign correspondent and Unicef senior communication officer Martin Dawes, now an Advocacy adviser at CDAC network, came into College to talk to A level geographers all about the future of disaster response, focusing on Ebola and its management for their Human Health at Risk unit.

Martin said after ‘I hope they justify their efforts with great results’.

It was a terrific opportunity for the geographers being able to work with a renown and leading author and adviser in the field that they are currently studying.

Alice “ A rare and brilliant opportunity”
Jerry “Fact filled fun. Knowledge is power”
Alice “Martin was really engaging and gave us a fascinating insight into the origin of Ebola. At the same time diminishing the media’s myths on the disease”
Sophie “ a highly intellectual insight into a topic I have only seen through the media”.
Ellie “Today allowed me to form a new and more perceptive opinion about Ebola, as Martin provided us with a detailed insight into a world behind the media”.
Poppy “Martin Dawes’s talk on Ebola was both interesting and informative, as well as full of enthusiasm”.
Tash “Very detailed and up to date information which is really helpful and interesting!”.
Tom “Very engaging, informative and eye opening”.

Mrs Froud