Natural Partners:Tavistock College links with school in Kathmandu, Nepal

Staff from Tavistock College have begun an exciting new development for the school. Having secured funding from the British Council, Principal Helen Salmon and Assistant Principal James O’Connell, were fortunate to visit Adarsha Saula school in Kathmandu, Nepal – currently judged to be the most successful state school in Kathmandu – over half term.

The aim of the visit was to build a partnership between the two schools so that students and staff from both schools can learn from each other. The broader aims are to develop a spirit of global citizenship and to create strong links so that more staff and students can visit Nepal and Adarsha Saula.

Students in Nepal and Tavistock have already begun communicating with each other via email and letters and there are a number of joint projects beginning in both schools to enable the students to learn from each other. These include studies of each other’s festivals and cultural traditions, a study of diets and food where students will attempt to make each other’s local dishes, and a science and geography project looking into the effects and power of water.

Helen Salmon, Principal of Tavistock College said: “It has been a real privilege to visit Adarsha Saula where we received an extremely warm and hospitable welcome. What impressed us most was the passion and enthusiasm of the students who are desperate to learn, recognising education as their chance for fulfilling careers and happiness.”

Saroj Acharya, Principal of Adarsha Saula, Kathmandu, said: “We have been very happy to welcome our visitors from Tavistock and learn more about your school and area. We very much look forward to our visit in 2015 and building an even closer relationship.”

IMG_0491 Bhaktapur with guides!