Oxford University Visit

10 high achieving students visited Exeter College, Oxford recently as a part of the University’s programme to encourage applications from able students.

The group learnt about University life and the huge range of courses on offer. They also met undergraduate students who took them on a tour of the Colleges, libraries and historic sites. The tour took the form of a large game of Monoploy, where schools had to find answers to questions about the University and some of its famous alumni and staff: CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Lewis Carrol being some who featured. Students were delighted with the doorway which supposedly inspired the writing of “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”, where a lion can be seen carved, stood beside two fawns and a little way off is a gas street light, as in the entrance to Narnia. Tavistock College won the game, which we hope foreshadows even greater success to come!

The students finished the day with an academic session delivered by a PHD student studying medieval French Literature. Students learnt how to de-code some ornate and beautifully hand written transcripts of the poems of Chaucer….a challenging and stimulating task!