Rotary Youth Speaks Competition

The Intermediate team of Emily Handel, Issy Prout and Thanae Garland Tsirka are seen here celebrating their successes this year in the Rotary Youth Speaks Competition. They are the Intermediate District Champions and narrowly missed winning the Regional Final (one step away from National!) at Shaftesbury last weekend.

The girls have been thoroughly committed to the competition, have agonised over every word and its delivery and always spoken with eloquence, intelligence and enthusiasm. They are an excellent team and this is reflected in the progress they made….their first year of entering!

Their ability to think on their feet has been recognised at every stage of the competition..with stunning answers to the spontaneous questions.

This year Youth Speaks teams have been wonderfully supported by other students who have helped coach, time and encourage. The previous Champions of Freya Chambers, Joe Jordan and Marianne Quinn even travelled to Shaftesbury with us to calm nerves and be supportive. The team loved having them there!

Also, previous National Finalists Flo Rodgers (now on her Gap year prior to beginning her Medical degree at Imperial College) and Jed Coiley (Head Boy) have given lunch times to help and coach the team. They always appeared with an endless supply of biscuits, Easter eggs and sweets…..all very welcome.

To everyone who was a part of Youth Speaks this year, may I say it has been a privilege to work with you. Roll on next year!!!

Mrs Hubbard

youthspeaks celebration