Royal Geographical Society visits Tavistock

On 30th November the geography department hosted two ambassadors from the Royal Geographical Society (Where Paddington Bear goes in London to look for films on Peru!).

Grace and Emily, minus Paddington Bear spent the day with year 7, 8, 10 classes as well as sixth formers looking at the role of geography in society, the responsibility geography has in a sustainable future as
well as careers opportunities from studying the topic.

Through interactive sessions and geography games, RGS Ambassador Grace hopes to return to college in the New Year with the year 9s.

The year 8s reviewed their session Jacob “their use of geographical knowledge and experience made our
workshop great fun”

Becky “there’s no job that we could think of that doesn’t include elements of geography”

Mia “I thought it was good that they gave us a clear understanding on what they do and how we could become like them”.

Paolo “I likes it when we were doing activities about countries”

Mrs Froud