Tavistock College Amnesty Walk 2018

The Amnesty International Group at Tavistock College organised a ‘Walk for Rights’ event on Sunday 28th January. Students, parents and staff raised money by walking just over 12 miles from George’s Junction Park and Ride, through Plymouth to the Hoe and back again. Through this event we raised over £250 that Amnesty International will use to help make sure people around the world are afforded the basic human rights they deserve.

Georgia, a student at Tavistock College wrote about the event; ‘We walked a total of 12 miles. We were walking because of human rights. We were raising money to support people who have no rights. For example if someone in this country said they didn’t like the Prime Minister’s idea it’s their opinion but in some countries they would be punished for saying their point of view. I really enjoyed walking; the view at the Hoe was beautiful’.

Georgia, a Year 7 student wrote that ‘I think it’s important to raise money for people that don’t have anything so that they can live a normal life just like us’.

Rebecca, also in Year 7 said ‘We did this to raise money for Amnesty International, which helps people with inequality. I hope my contribution helps’.