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School Closures

In severe weather conditions or other emergencies it may be necessary to close the College. If this decision is made the following arrangements will apply.

If the decision is made to close the College before students have arrived:

Please note: In the event of severe weather we cannot guarantee that our switchboard will be staffed.
If the normal college transport does not collect your children because of the weather conditions, please do not try to bring them into college as transport will not be available to take them home.
Students who have not heard that the College is closed and who arrive in College should report as follows:
  • Year 7 – Refectory
  • Year 8 – Main Hall
  • Year 9 – English Corridor
  • Year 10 – Maths Zone
  • Year 11 – MfL Corridor
  • Sixth Form – Octagon

If the decision is made to close the College after students have arrived:

Checks will be made with students to ascertain whether or not they can return safely home or to a suitable alternative. Where this is the case, they will either:

  • be returned to their dropping off stop by the college transport contractors if they travel on official college transport
  • be allowed to make their own way if their home is within walking distance
  • if they travel by service bus – every effort will be made to confirm that service buses are running

All parents will be sent a group text with the information via SchoolComms/SchoolGateway.

It will be the responsibility of students to let us know if they can return home.